The factory rubber upper engine mount bushes can perish and soften, leading to excessive on and off-throttle engine movement, imprecise gearshifts, reduced throttle response, and an increased chance of wheel hop. PFF60-2725 Front Upper Engine Torque Mount is supplied as a precision-engineered, CNC machined anodised Aluminium bracket with Yellow 70A and Black 95A durometer polyurethane bushes, increasing stiffness over the worn OE rubber mount to restore and improve your driving experience. This all-in-one component is a true bolt-on bolt-off replacement with no pressing or assembly required. C’est magnifique! An increase in NVH, usually at idle, should be expected with these parts when stiffening the connecting mount between the engine and chassis. The harder the material used, the greater the NVH transmitted.

OEM Part Number: 113568280R

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